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Multi Volt 

One battery pack, two volt classes – the new and innovative MULTI VOLT battery packs. The 36V Lithium-ion battery packs are compatible with 18V class cordless tools. Intelligent connecting technology make it possible. Depending on the tool, the voltage automatically switches to 18V or 36V.

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Product Description

At HiKOKI they believe that not only the design and overall look and feel of the power tool contributes to increased comfort and ease f use. It’s the technology inside that makes the power tool and job for the professional even better than before.


Due to the more compact designs compared to brushed motors, the brushless motors permit reductions in size and weight of tools for easier handling. Even under heavy use, the brushless motors significantly extend the product life cycles without causing troubles such as armature burnout, layer short or commutator wear. Plus, they do not require the regular replacement of carbon brushes.

A new generation battery system (BSL36A18), with almost the same size and weight as our 18V 5.0Ah/6.0Ah battery, but it’s the technology inside that provides you with the great improvements you need. Doubling voltage provides the optimal power for the MULTI VOL36V tools, without the hassle of cords. The MULTI VOLT batteries are compatible with a wide range of 18V cordless tools, which means you can easily switch from one power tool to another. So you’re just a simple click away from maximum performance.


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