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Climate change & depleting resources of fossil fuels along with the rise in use of E cars & batter storage have increased the significance of renewable energy sources. PV – Photovoltaic panels create electricity from sunlight.

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EASY ROOF EVOLUTION, universal in roof mounting solution, certified by MCS012


Product Description

How Photovoltaic panels  work

Sunlight is a form of electromagnetic radiation that contains small packets of energy called photons, when the sunlight falls on the PV cell photons are absorbed and transfer their energy to the solar cell releasing electrons that generate electricity. the design of the modules is such that the movement of electrons in a uniform direction generates direct current DC.

The DC needs to be converted to AC alternating current for use in domestic applications.

An inverter is used to convert DC to AC and operates as a protection, earthing and metering system.

Site considerations for Photovoltaic panels 

  • The more sunlight falling on the pv panel the greater the amount of electricity produced
  • The ideal location for pv modules is south facing with a 30° – 35° inclination
  • Note – modules should not be fitted north facing


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Brochures, technical specs and other relevant documents can be downloaded below where relevant in .PDF format.

Photovoltaic Systems Brochure

Best Practice Guide for PV


Imerys Photovoltaic Brochure

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